“He left me for his wife and I am devastated”- Relationship Problems

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Relationship problems might be common in every person’s life. Yet the psychological damage it leaves varies for every person. The way to cope with such a problem and to become a stronger version of yourself can take some time and again, it’s different for everyone. This young girl enquired from our Bonobology counsellor, Avani Tiwari regarding the whole scenario of moving on after a relationship breakup.

How her relationship problems started

She fell in love with her office senior. He was 9 years older to her. He was married and she had just faced a brutal breakup from her long-term relationship. Their relationship took off when he started to support her decisions and guide her through things at work. Since he was married, she thought it was smart to suppress her feelings for him because she had no inclination to be involved with a married man or push him to have an extramarital affair.

They got into an extramarital affair

But, the man began to show his interest in the girl. He told her how his child wasn’t biologically his own and how he had readied divorce papers because he didn’t want to live with his wife anymore. That was how she gave in and expressed her feelings and desires towards him. He was sweet to her, made huge promises and loved her immensely.

It was when she left her job since she had to prepare for competitive examinations, that she realized that the fact they did not meet every day anymore did not matter to him at all. Slowly over time, he distanced himself from her. He refused to acknowledge any promises he made to her and told her how he had no intention to separate from his wife. Eventually, he blocked all communications with her and of course, it devastated her.

At this point, she questions why people break hearts the way this man broke hers and how would she ever be able to move on.


Readers Comments On ““He left me for his wife and I am devastated”- Relationship Problems”

  1. If you are getting involved with a married man, you are asking for it. No matter how you slice it, you are the housebreaker, not the other way round. It’s the wife’s rights that take precedence over yours or any other woman’s.

  2. Sukanya Banerjee

    You were actually trusting a person who was betraying his wife. Use your common sense. Married men just love to have flings. Not serious relationships. Go ahead and enjoy with your friends.

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