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Lessons from a Marriage

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I had walked into my marriage like any other young girl full of dreams and anticipation of a new life with my best friend and now husband. But after years, today I can say that the crux of marriage is learning as much as it is love and these are a few of my lessons from this marriage, hope it keeps them coming for life:

  • Its one thing to be in love and quite another to set up a household and have it running.
  • One of the best things a marriage leads to is KIDS who keep the lessons for life coming.
  • Things are never as bad as they seem and as rosy as they are in Hindi films and Ekta Kapoor soaps.
  • The best treatment for your spouse is equality and no prejudice.
  • Sharing is not always caring, having a space of your own and giving the spouse the space is as important too.
  • Happiness is not always GRAND and milestone types it is more like in small every day joys and more of a road trip types. keep anticipating the view around the next curve.
  • Keep learning on the job with your co-student.
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  1. That’s true no one said marriage was going to be a dreamy affair. It does take a lot of effort and willingness to make it work and be happy.

    Nicely summed up lessons! 🙂

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