Let’s cook Rajma, darling!


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When I got married, I hardly knew cooking.  Though I had a “crash course” of basic cooking from my mom, when it came to the “actual” cooking all the skills vanished in thin air.

 My husband, though a Bengali, was born and brought up in North India and hence he loves North Indian food.  He is a fabulous cook himself.  Few days post marriage, he called me up from the office and said, “Please make some rajma.  A friend will come along with me for dinner.”  It was one of his bachelor friends that would accompany him for dinner.  But rajma..??  Though my mother made it sometimes, I didn’t know how to make it!  Somehow I made it and when I tasted it, it was not cooked properly!

My husband with his friend had that rajma without a single word of criticism.  I felt miserable, almost on the verge of tears. As a new bride, I felt embarrassed.  Few days later, my husband lovingly taught me how to make rajma.  He also taught me how to make matar paneer, kaali daal, pasta, and many other stuff.  He whips out excellent dishes till date.

Now, after 15 years of marriage, I make better rajma than him.

I would like to cook rajma along with my husband because they will bring back good memories.  The fact that he helped his new, naive bride by eating the uncooked rajma without criticizing, rather lovingly teaching her how to cook it, was the beginning of his holding my hand and guiding, encouraging and supporting me at every step in life.

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