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“Let’s take back our space” – women respond to manspreading on Instagram

Women have started responding to manspreading by sitting in front of the camera with their legs spread apart and turning it into a power pose
Woman spreading

We have all heard about the term manspreading, a modern phenomenon where a man takes up a lot of sitting space, especially in public transport either as a usual comfortable habit or as a sign of dominance. On the other hand, think hard, as little girls we were all taught to sit with our legs ‘closed’; to be ‘ladylike’ and to take up as little space as possible. And to no one’s surprise, we are taught the same at the dinner table, at an uncle’s wedding, in a mall, until we stoop down as an old lady.

But women are saying ‘no more’ to this age-old gender expectation. What if they wish to spread their legs too and get a bit comfortable? Women all over the world are taking over their space with the hashtag – woman spreading.

They have started responding to manspreading by sitting in front of the camera with their legs spread apart and turning it into a power pose. Woman Spreading has become an official power statement thing and Instagram has taken by storm.

Let us take a look at some of the power responses on Instagram.

This posing movement was started by models and Instagram celebs such as Bella Hadid, Nadia Lee Cohen and Kaia Gerber posing for the camera in glamour shots with their legs spread.

i'll remember you in the blue skies🤞🏼

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As highlighted this pose actually shouts out loud – “This is my space. Ask me about it.”


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To reiterate the words of an online magazine, the Sun, the pose is meant to “empower women as it bucks the tradition of sitting poised with your knees together.”

#microhembrismo #womanspreading #igualitarismoya

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From celebrities like Jennifer Lopez to women all around the world have joined this power-pose stance.

Back at it tonight!! Giving you #ALLIHAVE #VEGAS

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When people tell you it’s unladylike to spread your legs.

when people tell me it's unladylike to spread my legs :^)

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As Marie Claire quotes, “it can be seen as a powerful, physical demonstration of women’s frustration with the status quo.”

What do you know about #WomanSpreading ⁉️ ☺️

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Sit whichever way you like. Not the way they tell you to.


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Let’s break some gender stereotype.


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You can keep your gender expectation with you.

The truth be told, women are tired and frustrated of being dictated to in every aspect of their life.

So this is one of the many empowering stances and movements that are about to come. They refused to be pushed into a corner and sit cross-legged.

So ladies, go ahead and un-cross your legs and sit whichever way makes you feel comfortable. You own it.


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