Letter or Mail- Charm of love continues

Hand written letter

Once, love had been an exchange of hand-written letters.

Today, it’s an exchange of mails.

For lovers separated by distance, Outlook, Gmail are rescuers.

Does lack the charm of carefully crafted, perfumed pages and scrolls,

Yet preserves the enthusiasm, enough to ignite passion inside a soul.

A wait of days, weeks or even more.

But when it pops up in your mailbox,

Your face will bear a radiating smile,

Like re-appearance of the sun after several days of outpour.

After all, love is a tussle of longing, sadness, and unexplored emotions.

Dipped in the ink of love of purest form,

Your lover has translated all emotions raw.

Sometimes it may read lyrical like a smooth flowing river.

At other times, may seem like a ship crusading in the tides of thoughts.

Reaching out like waves, touching and leaving ripples on the shore of your heart.

You will read it on arrival.

Re-read at leisure and in -between chores of everyday life.

Trying to find a new meaning in between the said lines,

Attempting to fuse the last mail and the new using common threads.

An outlet for all unexpressed and unexperienced desires, a touch from a distance.


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