Break-up & Loss

Letter to my younger self

With hindsight, she wants to encourage her younger self

Dear Suparnaa,

I know the time, I know the fear, but don’t worry, you’re well. I also know, you will be well in the times to come. At 23, you think you’re struggling with the world upon your shoulders, fighting for the one you love, against the ones that have loved you forever. But it’s going to be fine, all will ultimately be fine. The things and people who are so important to you today, will play their roles and move on. The relationships you’re foregoing for them, will be only ones that will stay on. The tunnel you’ve entered has only one exit and it’s only just begun. I wish I could set you free now, but then you wouldn’t know so many things…

You won’t know what freedom means unless you’ve borne the marks of that first strike from the one who you think will lead you to your salvation.

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