What Are The Most Common Lies Women Believe About Men?

lies women believe about men

Lies. Attractive lies that sound just like the truth. Plus lies are convenient. No wonder, women believe lies, and when it comes to men, they believe even more. In this article, we will try to highlight some of the lies women believe, specifically about men.

Well, lying is another art – just like the art of making love. Some men do it better. With sophistication, innocence, and conviction that women fall prey to quite easily. There are common lies women believe about men, and then there are some convenient ones that keep women from questioning. Then there are some lies women tell themselves -and their friends- just for the sake of it.

But the magic lies in the articulation of it – the way men look straight into the eyes of their beloved partners and do not blink for a second when the words of deception are whispered into the ears. The cozy cuddle blended with untruth makes her vulnerable. And she ends up believing that her guy really means it when he says touch wood and reveals he has never cheated any past lover. 

6 Lies Women Believe About Men

We all know the most common things men lie about but they do it so deftly that women couldn’t possibly believe in their dreams that it is a lie. There are often allegations against women that they end up thinking of lies about men. But that is not really so because when it comes to the question of – “Men and women, who lies more?” – men do win hands down. So how do men manage to pull off the lies? We tell you. 

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Lying is another art – just like the art of making love. Some men do it better. With sophistication, innocence, and conviction that women fall prey to quite easily.

1. How do men lie about safe sex practices?

Spending time with together in bed
Spending time with together in bed

Men have the habit of lying about their safe sex practices. Women take these declarations as candid. This is one of the lies women believe about men with their eyes closed. He says he has always had the safest possible sex, but there is always something fishy about it. 

Swayed by his words, the woman is likely to skip protection. When he claims he does not have multiple partners, the lady is further inclined to take it as the truth. And the woman tends to feel special, when she is actually just one of many.

Let the man shout from the rooftop to declare whatever he likes, but the woman should never commit the mistake of having sex without adequate protection. Remember: Men hate protected sex and they are always eager to play the dangerous game.   

2. How do men lie about being strong?

All men claim to be emotionally virile. They do not crack up in challenging situations. Are you the kind who believes in this myth? Men are vulnerable and fragile – just like women. This is one of the most common things men lie about. And common lies women believe about them.

Never consider the man in your life to be super strong. Perhaps it makes men feel nice to create the image of being stronger than they actually are. But they are the mushy types most likely to wipe their tears against the pillow.

man lying

Women have been deluded by notions of strength and it is prudent to avoid falling into the same trap. The façade of the macho guy collapses like a pack of cards.  

3. How men say they cannot have sex without love? 

Women are impressed when the men say they cannot have sex if there is no love. This is a brilliant one that women love to hear like music and one of the most common lies that men utter.

They have always been looking for men who think sex is impossible without love. So there is an instant connection when the men reach this wavelength. But in reality, the more you keep your feet on the floor, the deeper your connection.

However, this statement makes most women weak in the knees and they think sex will strengthen their relationship further. Lies!

Instead of going nuts, have the gumption to ask him how he was doing it in his early days. This is enough to turn him quiet for a while.  

4. Is your man telling you he is self-made?

He says he is self-made

Are there ladies who really believe men when they boast of being self-made? Well! Let me tell you these are the most frequent lies women believe about men. 

There is hardly any self-made man out there these days. If he is doing a lucrative job, his higher education is sponsored by his father. If he has a start-up to his credit, he has got funding from his father or any of his close family contacts.  Every man loves to present himself as a person who has risen to the top from the lowest rank. Oh please, keep these heroic tales aside for another afternoon. 

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5. Does he say he finds intelligent women attractive?

Women are turned on by men when they say they like women with brains and personality. They believe such men really exist in this world. More so they take the compliment for themselves.

During the courtship period, they praise intelligence, resilience and apply all the nice expressions of feminine power. Once they become wives, these intelligent creatures are ridiculed and discouraged in whatever they do. Women believe in these lies that men utter and then suffer horribly all their life.

6. Has he told you he never had paid sex?

Women hate men who go for paid sex. Men are always ready to skip this detail in their portfolio of conquests. It is beneath their dignity to buy sex and this impresses women a lot. If the man has a magnetic personality, he should be able to win her over. Going to brothels, hiring escorts are signs of weak men who do not know how to seduce

Never believe guys on this count. They are the first ones to venture into the dirty lanes after their school-leaving examinations. In fact, most of them have lost their virginity here. In case, they confess they went there once, they will say they went there for the sake of a friend. They waited outside to admire the architecture of the building while the friend went inside for a banging session. Oh gosh! The lies women believe about men.

man must be lying

Suave, polished men have excelled in the art of furnishing falsehoods to suit their convenience, to win favors, to charm women. These are some of the common lies women tend to believe quite easily when men utter then with ease and then they go on to regret it for life.  

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