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Marriages are scary affairs, and we are all apprehensive about life after the wedding. The whole affair is clouded in secrecy; though we have heard whispers from our friends. We hear all about the sexual fantasies, the red roses and the beautiful cutlery around the house, but, no one really talks about marriage.

I myself had to source this out by bribing my married friends with chocolates and by smothering them with love. They had a lot to say about how life changes after marriage but they only blushed slyly. Slowly and steadily bits of truth were revealed and it was enlightening to know the truth. Well, do you want to know too? Then here it goes.

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How Life Changes After Wedding & Honeymoon

They don’t say the “honeymoon phase is over” without a reason. But sadly, nobody really talks in-depth about life after the wedding. Till the honeymoon phase lasts, you are at your best self. You try to be guarded about your emotions, about your habit of sitting in the bathroom for hours, about leaving the bed unmade and the closet a shambles.

Soon enough, the honeymoon stage gets over and you start revealing yourself bit by bit – warts and all. Your life starts off in its new phase when you go back to work after a long, blissful break. Now, as a newly married couple, you have to decide on the mundane things like who makes the tea in the morning, who makes dinner at night, how to share the finances, and how to divide the household chores. 

What changes once you get married? From wedding bells the wedding blues set in and life after the wedding settles into a rhythm where you often miss the excitement that was there before you tied the knot.

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Post Marriage Life – What They Don’t Tell You

If people are sharing tips for newly married couples, they inevitably focus on serious things like money management, they talk about the best contraception to use and also the adjustments newly married couples need to make to make their relationship work and figure out how to live after marriage.

But life after wedding could be really fun and fulfilling when you do all the silly things together, find a comfort level that allows you to be yourself with your partner. Here are 5 things that you discover about yourselves after the wedding:

1. The sex is more fun than intense

Most of my friends agree that, unlike their premarital days, post-marriage coitus is more about intimacy than intensity. You do not have to force yourself to be the woman of his dreams anymore. There would be a lot of loving in being with him by his side in the night as the whole thing passes you by.

You breathe and you have him hold you near when you have had a nightmare. Plus, you feel a lot more comfortable about all those little noises and smells. You laugh about the small things and sex becomes that much more interesting.

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2. Little pleasures matter more and more in post wedding life

A friend told me that the moment she sees her husband making tea in the morning, she feels loved. Love has evolved for her. Most of my friends know their anniversaries not as the days to receive diamond earrings but days when their hubbies give them that much more time, that much more love.

Sometimes it is not the big gestures that make your heart melt but the way they hold your hand before they let go, the way they laugh when they see you fuming over the smallest mistakes.

You know love by the times when he has pulled the strand of hair away from your face when you are working rather than when he has gifted you the world in a box. In your life after the wedding, the little pleasures become all-important.

3. Love becomes a way of life

You are familiar with their sweat, the way they love, and the way they smell after a long day. You kind of start loving the feeling of him in those shirts, knowing that for the length of forever, those shirts are yours to treasure.

life after getting married - discipline and love
You love it when he makes tea for you

Plus, most days the men help in their stupid ways, bringing in the heavy water buckets, turning on and troubleshooting the washing machines. Those days are love. You realize there is love in doing the household chores, cooking together, going for a walk and you feel a discipline in your love. A routine that becomes a part of your system.

4. You share toilets, yes that’s life after wedding

Working couples share toilets. You kind of get used to him showering while you rush into poop. Nudity stops being exclusive to the bedroom and becomes a more intimate thing that you share as a couple. There are crazy things couples do when no one is watching. Life after getting married isn’t all boring and serious. There is a nerdy intimacy to it too.

This also means that oftentimes you start sharing the strangest texts about poop, and all those weird things without care for other people. My friend says that she knows love through the times when her husband would ask her about these inane adventures instead of asking about work. I can’t define love, but, for me, that comes close.

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5. You have your little secrets

A friend of mine constantly complained about how her boyfriend would not dance at all. Two months after marriage she told me about how they danced through the day. Apparently, he dances everywhere at home, when they’re alone.

She loves it when he suddenly listens to some Hindi tune and starts jiving around. It is perfect and it is sad at the same time because she cannot show off this particular side of herself and her husband. But she loves this cute little secret that they have.

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Life after a wedding is not about getting into an identity crisis but it is about finding a new identity as a couple where you have your small secrets that you only know. Yes, life changes after marriage but in ways that you will learn to love and soon be adjusted to.

Marriage is not the answer to all our problems but, some days it just comes close with little titbits of love. Love becomes small instead of growing and becoming this huge thing that we can only dream of. As a friend muses, “Marriage is difficult for me, but, I don’t know if I could live without it either.”


1. How does a man’s life change after marriage?

A man’s life changes because now he needs to accommodate his spouse, their needs and choices into his lifestyle. Every time he thinks about himself, he must think about them too because now he has a life partner.

2. How to start a new life after marriage?

To start a new life after marriage one should be committed and understanding toward their partner. They should be keen when it comes to incorporating their partner into their lives, even when making the smallest decisions.

3. How do you manage your life after marriage?

It is not that difficult. Marriage brings some necessary adjustments but it also comes with a lot of love. It can take a while to get used to another person but with love and honesty, anything is possible.

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