Life Gave Me Lemons

Ya, I am good in making mocktails…

It was March 2012, the time when I had to write my class 12th and different entrance examinations. My father’s health deteriorated. He had multiple diseases – cerebral attack, heart enlargement, rheumatoid arthritis, nervous breakdown and… He was admitted and even the doctors had asked us to be ready for the worse. Understanding the true shade of the relatives at the dark time made my mom and me feel the worst. My mom had to go for her job to ensure the treatment goes on. And yes, I had to write my board examinations without studying.

A juicy lemon indeed!!!


Yes, It was the worst result in my whole career. I secured 80.14%.

Ya, I cleared all the engineering entrance examinations (IITJEE, AIEEE, BITS to name a few), but missed the counselling dates.

Had two options left with me: skip a year or join a private engineering college just by showing scorecard (not through management quota)

Decided to do the second because skipping a year will delay job by yet another year. I joined Invertis University, a Bareilly-based private university for B.Tech.+M.Tech. (Integrated) course. When I first landed there, I was almost like a fish out of water. Nothing was there that I could relate with myself, mostly because I didn’t understand their language, Hindi. All I did for a year was going to college and come back and study at room. I had no friends, no buddies, none.

After a year, I made a good name among my teachers for studies, and cultural activities, like emceeing, elocution, debate, etc.

All these gave me an additional lemon, jealousy from my batchmates.

In the mean time, during 3rd semester exams, my father’s condition even worsened. My mom asked me to skip my exams and come back. When I discussed this with my college management, they said, they have no problem if I skip semester exams, provided I am ready for a year back.

Yes, one more lemon…

I wrote the exam… And then came back just to listen how selfish daughter I am, who prioritizes career over dad… Felt drained…

Started working full time from January 2014 (4th sem) in evening shift after college as a Research Analyst, Made a new schedule: Attend college 9am to 5pm, Work from 5:30pm to 1:30am, Study from 2am to 5am, Sleep from 5am to 8am and repeat. I followed this schedule till December 2015.

In January 2016 (final sem, I changed my course to after 1st year realizing the urgency of job), I joined a media house in Bangalore as Assistant Editor in night shift. I used to study in the morning, go for interviews in afternoon, sleep in evening and work at night. Resigned my job in 32 days and joined a France based product engineering company as a Content Writer. Work and study was the normal routine. While continuing at work, I went to write my final sem exams. Finally, I became an engineer. I continued with this company for 7.5 months till I joined SAP Labs in R&D on S/4 Hana.

There are lot more lemons, just shared a few… But, don’t you want to taste the lemonade that I made out of it…

1. Ya, I was the University Topper for four consecutive years with 97% in B.Tech.

2. I was one among the 32 Best Engineering Students of India by IET

3. I am certified by Microsoft, Oracle, IBM in various technologies

4. I have 8 published research papers

5. I was chosen as Topcoder 2016

6. …

7. I was offered 59 jobs in total from all big corporate and startups after graduation

I don’t know how the lemonade tasted for you… But for me, the lemons that life gave me, were a blessing in disguise. Those lemons gave me the position to enjoy the best lemonade in my life ahead…


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