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Life goals and meditation


Live while you are Alive!

What is the goal of your life? What is that one ambition you are living for? What exactly is the ambition of your life?? I asked these questions to many people from the different age groups, and the answers came as “ to be rich”, “to be successful”, “to become famous”, some more interesting answers were “to travel the world with my love”, “ buy my family a dream house”, “ my kids do not struggle for anything ever”.

Okay! And what will you gain if this ambition is fulfilled? surprisingly the answers were almost same, Everybody wanted to be happy and satisfied. Let us make it more clear, the goal of life, that is achieving success, earning money, claim the fame, travel etc; is connected with the ultimate purpose of life that is Happiness and Satisfaction. Mediation is the most promising and… read more by clicking on the link below.

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