Life is a drama


“Jindagi ek natak hai, hum natak mein kaam karte hain. Parda uthte hi, parda girte hi, sab ko hum salam karte hain, hum natak mein kaam karte hain,”-  heard this song after a long time.

And it makes so much sense. Most of us are enacting some part in life. The parts change as life progresses. In the family, it varies from being a son/daughter to a teenager to an adult to a parent to a grandparent and so on! And in between, we are also enacting different roles in our workplace, social circle, social media as friends, lovers, colleagues, boss, subordinate.

We seek some parts while some other are thrust upon us. Sometimes the script is of our choice, at other times, we don’t have the role or dialogues of our choice. Yet, the show just goes on.

It’s upto us as an actor who is roleplaying the part to either follow the script dictated by the people around us or to improvise along upon our role as we enact it. When you don’t like a part or if it turns dull or monotonous, you can always abandon it and carve a new role for yourself. The new role may push you out of your comfort zone. Even bring in some pain. Remember, no pain no gain. As actors, we need to constantly challenge our abilities if we want to become good at playing our roles. Be on the lookout for new roles, new scripts and new co-actors. That should bring in more balanced perspective of how you handle the drama in your life.

And remember, at the end of it all, the drama will eventually end and you can take a bow and exit gracefully, happy and satisfied that you played your roles well.


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  1. yes. so true – very nicely written … As quoted by William Shakespeare… All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

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