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Life is beautiful!

Butterfly on orange flower

Here’s a poem dedicated to the mystical relationship between human and life… it’s all about various uncertainties, fleeting human emotions and the bountiful happiness one experiences in this beautiful journey called LIFE.

Days will pass and so will night,

Some memories will fade and some will remain agile;

Wish to create some wonderful memories,

making my life worthwhile;

I wander all night in my vision,

thinking, confused, lost to myself, contradicting,

pausing, gazing, and stopping…

Certain restlessness always surrounds me,

But the pale glow of morning light reflecting the

positivity of the world, calms me

The changing color of the sky, the dusk beauty,

calms me;

Kind words from loved ones, as good as refreshing breeze,

calms me;

The glistening water of the flowing river, the rustling leaves,

the fragrance of flowers, the colorful butterflies, calms me;

The innocent smile of a child, the joyful tears in my mother’s eyes,

the proud glow on my father’s face, calms me;

The caring touch of my siblings, the ever-encouraging words of my pals,

the compassion shown by strangers, calms me;

My conflicting emotions, fleeting thoughts, the war within, immediately subsides,

As soon as I give someone a reason to smile;

One world different people:

the ruthlessness of someone will make me ache,

while the gentleness of others will keep my trembling faith awake;

What goes in, will come back, all is never lost

The embers left from earlier fires.

will surely flame again;

Life has its own way:

Its mysteriousness, its uncertainty, its unpredictability, its complications, unfolds numerous reasons,

My zest for life, will sail me through, in every season;

Exploring the mysteries of life, will be fun,

Let life elude me, let life overpower me, let life conquer me..

Who cares, because I want to love, I want to dream,

I want to create happiness, I want to be an artist touching hundred souls;

I want to get enthralled by the romance of life,

For all the paradoxical of life, I want to live, as long as I believe,

Life is beautiful… 🙂 🙂

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  1. Indeed! There are opposites, binaries all around us. Yet there is balance and harmony. Life is beautiful if we stop chasing things and stop for a moment to see the beauty around

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