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Food has much more impact than just calories, fat, and weight issues. Food problems can greatly impact one’s mental health and one’s relationships as well. We are indeed aware of many common mental health problems but not enough light has been shed on mental health issues related to food consumption. How a weight loss diet started off to shed those extra kilos can quickly turn into a full-blown disorder, is not something that is explored much in the wellness space.

On the other extreme, emotional eating or binge-eating is something that people find themselves indulging in to deal with their issues. They might have had a perfectly decent day with a few healthy and nutritious meals. But the moment they get home and are graced with stressors like an irascible spouse or a major relationship argument, they find themselves inching towards the kitchen and eating anything that they can get their hands on. And that’s how a binge-eating disorder may start. Of course, weight gain is a possible consequence of this but a binge-eating disorder will also worsen one’s general mental health.

The Importance Of A Good Lifestyle

Feeling heavy after each episode, low self-esteem because of lack of control over one’s urges, and body image issues are all things that can make a person feel much worse. If one is physically full but still hungry, it has less to do with one’s hunger cues and far more to do with a person’s emotions. But why do we use foods to deal with our emotions so much?

If you’re noticing problems of under-eating or over-eating in your partner or spouse, you might be feeling compelled to bring it up with them. But this can feel tricky as you don’t want to touch a wrong nerve and make it all worse. Addressing a partner’s weight issues, helping wife lose weight, or being your husband’s weight loss partner may all be things you do out of goodwill, but it is possible that your partner may see it as body-shaming instead of understanding your good intentions. What you may think is healthy weight loss encouragement for your chubby girlfriend, is something they might feel offended and insecure about. So how do you help them without coming off as a controlling partner or a nagging wife?

One must try to accept help from other people if they really want to address their weight issues and improve their relationship with food. In fact, gaining a better knowledge of this food science is essential to understanding which foods are good for your health and even better for your mood. Things like increasing serotonin naturally is something that can be done daily based just on what you consume. What are some foods to eat for a brighter mood? Which are foods that will keep one full of energy without causing any major weight gain? It’s time to say goodbye to unhealthy eating patterns by understanding the full effect that food can have on you.

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To give your partner some weight loss motivation without offending them, try to indulge in gentle encouragement without being too stern or too aggressive. Also indulge in action if you two live together. Bring healthy foods home, and recommend healthy activities to them in order to change their overall habits.

Talking to your partner about trying a weight loss diet or addressing a binge-eating disorder treatment needs to be done without shaming the other partner or making them feel small or unworthy. Use words of encouragement and show affection and appreciation.

So you’re not hungry but want to eat? Then you may just be indulging in emotional overeating because you are eating your emotions.

To truly get better and for dealing with your emotional eating disorder, you need to take responsibility for yourself. Look at yourself and understand what you need to change in your life. Focus on consistency and being disciplined.

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