List of things my husband wants me to do. Unfortunately, none of them dirty!

She holds out her hand to him, and he says, "Baby, will you do this..." No, it's not what you think.
Shy woman

A day in the life of a happily married couple

Whenever I am sitting next to my husband, my eyes full of love and reaching out to his hand like Anil Kapoor did to Tabu in Virasaat (thoda ulti hai hamari relationship), my husband will say “Baby, find my chashma, I seem to have misplaced it!”

I sigh and get up to find his chashma. I look under the bed, under the pillowcases, getting a crick in the bargain and then an unapologetic voice says, “Sorry baby, I am wearing them.”

And then while I breathe easy, he says, “Baby, get me a glass of water. My diabetes is playing up. I want to have Glucon D.”

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