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As they say , “the way  to a man’s heart is via the stomach.”

So true, the day we were engaged ,my fiance  the typical Punjabi guy declared he loved eating well cooked, home food. Now I was on tenterhooks as academics had left me no time to polish my culinary skills. I was still trying to learn the nuances of cooking from my mother who was a superb cook.

Soon after the wedding hubby got a posting and we had to begin our new life minus his family of parents and siblings.I was a bit nervous but he put all my fears to rest,when he donned the kitchen apron. He is a master chef concocting biryanis and  curries. Soon we started working in tandem as I was passionate about baking and conjuring delectable desserts.

So he gave me the tricks and tips to make those gourmet dishes.The aroma of the condiments used tantalized my taste buds. My baking catered to his sweet tooth was and creating the Indian sweetmeats.Cooking is an art which requires concentration and effort.We have made memories while making cuisines.

We believe”Cooking is like making love,Do it well, Or don’t do it at all”. When one puts love while cooking,it provides food for the soul.

Our recipe for a successful love story is

Trust -1cup




Hugs-1 packet

Kindness-1 tin

When all these ingredients are mixed with care,sprinkled with kisses and baked with love  one gets a delightful dish.

We add a dash of romance,pinch of humor,joy, trust, respect, tenderness and a little zest of compatibility.

So cooking together makes our bond stronger

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