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Over Eating & Toxic Positivity
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Your ‘I crave junk food at night’ may be more than just harmless pangs and could point towards a more serious chaos in your eating habits and sense of nutrition. Emotional eating is also a serious condition, one that many people indulge in but don’t even know all that much about. Food science and understanding your own body is essential to living a good life and having a sound mind.

Enjoying a large slice of pepperoni pizza once in a while is no biggie. But before you realize it, that slice turns into some kind of refuge and this craving for junk food becomes more than just a ‘once-in-a-while’ enjoyment. That’s why it’s important to understand the long term effects of binge-eating, discover the gaps in your personal nutrition and how it could be affecting the rest of your life.

The Importance Of The Right Diet

The Right Diet

There are all kinds of diets followed all over the world. Veganism, non-vegetarian, Jain diet and so on. To strike a balance no matter what diet you follow is key to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. With nutritionist Suman Agarwal, let’s cover and dive deep into how one can maintain their health with simple home foods while adhering to their regular diet.

Food science goes deeper than just good foods and bad foods and calling your relationship with desserts a toxic one. So stop clicking on those ‘miracle juice for weight loss’ or ‘benefits of not drinking milk’ blogs and instead gain an in-depth understanding of what your body is really asking for.

What To Do Instead Of Emotional Eating?

If you’ve often found yourself at the edge of your seat wondering ‘What to do instead of emotional eating?’, or have some kind of over exercise syndrome in a desperate attempt to lose weight, this video will help you with that too. If you want a beautiful relationship with food that isn’t full of ‘I shouldn’t have eaten that’ or ‘That cake is going to go right to my thighs?’, then let Suman Agarwal tell you how.

The stress of the pandemic made people resort to food and emotional eating to deal with this difficult time. This general dissatisfaction and mental tiredness of working from home is the reason many people gained weight during this time.

Is there a right time for consuming desserts? Try the European way! Take it with your tea so you always have enough time to burn it off but also enjoy your favorite delights.

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The long term effects of binge eating are many. That is why one must be able to practice portion control and understand how and when to stop eating. With these tips, you can know how to avoid binge eating and what to do instead of emotional eating.

Different foods not only affect your physical health but also your state of mind. There is no right or wrong way of eating since every food has it’s pros and cons. However, creating the perfect balance is key.

Having a Jain diet does not mean that you cannot enjoy the benefits of the right kind of nutrition. Take these suggestions from the expert and use these tips well when following a Jain diet.

Are there any benefits of not drinking milk? There may be because every food has it’s pros and cons. But as a vegetarian, it is strongly advised that you don’t give up milk for good physical and mental health.

What are aphrodisiac foods for males? These are foods that help you bring vitality into your system for a better sex life. Yes, food and sex also has a relationship. It’s all about striking the right combinations of vitamins to promote better health overall, and in bed.

Clearly, there is a lot more to food and nutrition that we knew of. With these food myths being busted and these helpful tricks that are now on your fingertips, we hope you can say goodbye to your over exercise fatigue or overthinking every single thing that you eat. Sugar isn’t bad and neither are all the other tasty foods that you like to enjoy. What’s important is portion control and moderation.

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