Live-in and Open

We live-in together with my boyfriend’s parents

An unusual relationship that covers live-in, open and long distance all in one
Couple live in

I did not like him at all at first. Indra had just started working under my dad as a freelancer and my dad was so impressed by him that he brought Indra home. For my parents he soon became the son they never had and that obviously made me jealous. I was a rebellious teenager then, picking a fight with every authority figure, including my parents. And Indra was this golden example that I had to stumble upon at every corner. I hated him, but also started to develop a crush on him.

I moved in with him

Moved in : Image source

Meanwhile, confrontations with my parents were becoming unsustainable and I decided to leave home. Through a series of unfortunate events, I ended up alone on the street one night with no money and no idea where I would sleep that night. Like an angel, Indra turned up and offered me a place to stay. So I moved in with him in a hostel where he was completing his postgraduate diploma. To my great irritation, I found out that my parents felt rather assured once they heard that I was staying with him.

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  1. […] Open relationships come with their own challenges. The rules are neither set in stone nor are they the same for every couple. Moreover, the relationship equations change and modify because of a number of factors. Age and maturity, of the relationship and the people involved, play an important role in maintaining that equilibrium. The incident I am going to retell here, happened, as I understand, very early on their relationship. Titir and Indra were in the third year of their decidedly experimental live-in open relationship. […]

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