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“Your house is so warm and cozy…” “Let’s meet at Ankita-Chetan’s place…” “I love the look of the house, it’s like a live Pinterest profile!” “Your home has a very positive vibe!”< Such sweet comments have become a regular now. But I can’t deny that every time we hear someone praise our home, we feel very happy and nice. We have been lucky that most of the people who come to our home really feel at home. They immediately fall in the comfort zone without any exceptional effort. And this has been the case wherever we have stayed until now. I always tell people, I run an open house, you are always welcome and feel free to come at any time of the day! This is why we have seen people laugh, cry, share, dance, sing, play, sleep, smoke, eat and drink at our humble abode. Our house is a perfect combination of what Mr. Beardo likes and what I like, and fortunately when it comes to our home most of our likings are the same. I feel it’s important to set the vibe right. We don’t restrict the good vibes to our home, but we try to carry it everywhere we go. For us that’s good compatibility!

It’s been 2 years that we are married and know each other for around 7 years now! A perfect combination of West and South Indian (the West Indian from Windies, I meant the Indian from India’s Western region). A dedicated Roti eater (Me) and a rice lover (Mr. Beardo)! But since we

both have been born and brought up in Mumbai and a lot of similarities in family values, it was not a drastic change for us. I was almost 25 and Beardo 26 when we got married, perfect time as per our families, but early for us. We went ahead as we realised that was only way to that we could stay with each other and move towards OUR new set of dreams and goals. From travelling to trying out new careers, from meeting new people to move to a different city, we could do it all.

We started our new life at Beardo’s home in Mumbai. Our first home as a married couple. Before the wedding, we all put in a lot of time to set the home. We got it repainted and redecorated it. Even though I have stayed there just for 6 months, I have so many memories of that place, maybe because I used to hang out there before marriage too. But from preparing my first full meal there, to celebrating Onam and to staying up all night but still making it to office next morning, I have done it all. I love that home too much!

But at the same time, we both knew, we wanted to leave Mumbai. One, to live in new

and explore a new place and two, to get out of our comfort zones. We both had never lived anywhere else than Mumbai. And so we bid adieu to aamchi Mumbai the moment we

got an opportunity in namma Bengaluru..

One and half years of living in the heart of the Bangalore city, new friends, new jobs, new bike, new car, new weekend getaways and new language later, We realised that we did manage to carry the same positive vibe with us and we couldn’t have asked for anything better.


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