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Longing – Cupid


Some questions Cupid had for me last night : It was one of my most memorable conversations, he came, he was so cute, almost like a cuddly little panda bear. He conquered my heart almost immediately. He asked me the most wisdom filled questions ever. He made me laugh, he made me cry and just like that, reminded me the arrow he pierced me with many times in life. He also said, he gave me many chances. But I took very few. Our conversation went somewhat like this..

Cupid : Why do you long for love? Now?

Me : What do you mean, you never stop longing in life, thats what humans do..We are no angels..

Cupid : When it is actually right there, within your reach?

Me : Yes, because, people take each other for granted.

Cupid : I thought, I was helping you guys, by playing me, with my arrows and stuff…! sigh!

Me : Awww,, the world has changed a lot my dear, yes you still matter, but…

Cupid : What do you mean, I still matter, of course i matter, I am, so you are!

Me : Now thats a little bit too far fetched cupid, I am because I believe..

Cupid : You are full of shit, whats all this new age theories filled in your messed up mind? Its not that complicated you know..

Me : Well.. I don’t want to disappoint you cupid, but your arrow no more works for more than say a month or sometimes even a week.

Cupid : What?!? I am shocked. A week?

Me : Yes, sometimes, you realise it sooner and get over it in a few hours, its called infatuation, cupid.

Cupid : Ah, that scoundrel of a fellow, my far off cousin. Is he still around?

Me : Oh more than ever, now many of us don’t know if its your arrow or his twinkle. We are confused.

Cupid : Oh why did you guys screw up love so much? Whatever happened to your innocent eyes and that innocent heart which fluttered at a pretty smile and beat hard, at someones kindness?

Me : internet cupid, that happened. And people became wise?

Cupid : Excuse me!!!! What did you just say? wise? hahahahahahahahaha.. you foolish human, do you even know what wisdom means..

Me : Maybe I do not know it any more, i am clouded cupid, by images, by memes, by words, by books, by characters on TV, in movies, in Baywatch, in….

Cupid : What watch? Baywatch? Omg, you certainly indeed have lost it, sorry i have no hope for you.

Give me back my arrow. You do not need me, you need a psychiatrist now..Go spend your holidays on a couch , crying your silly heart to one, when you could be in love, and romance each other, and lay in bed all day, with my arrows all around you as petals..

But no, you want to complicate it. So be it. I am out of here.

In the news next day :

A red ribbon was seen floating in space and an arrow was seen fast approaching the new planet Mars. (I thought to myself, cupid leaves earth. He has gone forever)

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