Looks do not matter

Rules for a happy marriage

I can never forget the day when Raina walked into our office for the first time. She had an aura of confidence that walked along with her and gave her personality its added charm. I felt happy when she occupied the workstation next to mine. I took an instant liking to her but I could feel that Raina kept to herself.

My work kept me busy in meeting clients for sales deals but I got to spend some hours in the office too. These hours helped me get to know about Raina. She worked with such speed and managed to pull off so much work in a day that I was left amazed.

One day I overheard her discussing a project with one of my colleagues and was highly impressed by her knowledge. She was very sharp in her thinking and could convince others with utmost ease, that it was unbelievable.

I noticed that she tried to keep herself buried in her work and did not indulge in any discussion, other than for professional work, with me but I wanted to get to know more about her and tried to pick up a conversation with her off and on. She would respond quickly and turn towards her laptop.

Her eyes would light up when she smiled but she would smile rarely. I wondered what made her shy away from me. It was unlike her confident self and this left me intrigued.

One day I gathered the courage to ask her out for coffee. She gave me a weird look that left me wondering if I had asked her the wrong question. I waited for her to respond while she kept staring at her laptop.

“Raina, let us go out for coffee. We will be back within an hour,” I asked her again. She nodded hesitantly, leaving me confused.

We walked to the coffee shop next to our office. My admiration for her grew when I saw her pat a stray dog. I could see the gentle and caring side to her nature as she spoke to the dog in her soft voice.

It was many coffee dates later that Raina opened up about her fears to me. I told her she had beautiful eyes and she was taken aback.

“Really! But my spectacles cover them up,” Raina responded softly and tried to look away from me. I found her response strange.

“They are too beautiful for anyone to miss,” I told her and saw her stare at me in confusion. Then a smile covered her face gradually.

“I always thought that nobody can like me. I wear spectacles that make me look so old. Pimple marks cover my face and I am overweight. There is nothing attractive about me,” Raina spoke about herself and I understood the reason for her apprehension whenever I had tried to talk to her in the past.

“That is just absurd. How can you even think like that? You are underestimating yourself. Do you know that you are the smartest person I have ever met till date? You are so simple and pure at heart. I love the purity about you. It gives you the beauty which is so rare to find. I have fallen in love with you and want to spend the rest of my life with you,” I could see the immense happiness in her eyes as I confessed my love to her.

“It feels so good to hear you talk about me like that. I have never felt this happy in my life before. You make me feel special,” she was touched and so was I. Her disbelief gradually gave way to confidence as time progressed and she stopped shying away from me.

I convinced her for marriage some weeks later and we were married within six months. We have been happily married for seven years now and life has been abundantly joyful with Raina and our two sons.

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