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Lost Handkerchiefs

Embroidered hankerchief
It all started when my daughter asked for a handkerchief today. I started looking for one in a methodical routine and handed it to her. But was suddenly gripped by a sense of loss and sadness. Where have all those pieces gone which had lived with me . Though these square pieces live with you for a brief time. They stand as a testimony of your good and bad times. They hold many tears and smiles. They carry a part of you wherever they lie. Finding one in a coat pocket or beneath a pillow brings a smile. Though handkerchief is a material thing but holds many undefinable moments and memories. The moments lost and gone appear to be in your palms prison.
As a kindergarten student I remember having small towel napkins which were the prettiest in the entire class. Many of my friends made lucrative offers of exchange though this couldn’t materialise as I often lost them by the end of the day. As I grew up the nature of handkerchiefs changed . From cartoon prints I graduated to floral patterns. I still remember having a packet of embroidered ones which had zip attached to them. They were part of my premium collection. I embroidered many of them but couldn’t gift them to friends as giving handkerchief was considered bad for friendship. The fascination never ceased I still like those fancy linen lacy ones. Rumaal chor was a favorite game in our childhood Times. Today tissues try to superceed the authority of handkerchief but patrons like us fail to budge. We thought we had possessed them , but we have in some way externalized it and defined artificial boundaries. By quantifying, we have limited what is, by nature, limitless.
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