Lost in translation

I screamed, ‘You just don’t care’

I meant, ‘Please give me your attention’

I shot, ‘I can’t handle this anymore’

I meant, ‘I want your help to work this out’

I yelled, ‘Don’t you dare tell me not to yell’

I meant, ‘I need to be heard and right now this seems to be working’

I shrieked, ‘Leave me alone’

I meant, ‘Let us go deeper and not just scratch the surface’

I retaliate, ‘You tell me that I was harsh with her when you don’t get involved two-pence’

I meant, ‘I ache all over for what I did, but it was the last straw and the camel slumped’

I pretend that I am strong

I am not

I want to cope with this by myself

I can’t

I show that I am stoic

I bleed inside

More than our girl

More than you

More than anyone else!


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