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Lost virginity at the age of 15 and much more…shocking sex confessions of Bollywood celebs!

Losing virginity at early age or carrying condom in pocket everyday.. these Bollywood celebs have done it all...
Ranveer singh

Gone are the days when Bollywood celebrities used to work hard to keep their lives away from the prying eyes of camera and ears of gossip. The youthful generation of celebrities that have taken to Bollywood today hold a contrary ideal. They are bold, frank and free when it comes to talking about their love interests, clearing up alleged link-ups, revealing secret crushes or even talking about extramarital affairs!
Here’s a list of celebrities who went vocal about their sexual lives, relationships and more!

1. Alia Bhatt

Alia showed her naughty side and revealed to Mid-Day that her favourite sex position is ‘classic missionary’ because she is a ‘simple person’.

Alia with siddharth
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2. Ranveer Singh

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Emraan Hashmi
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