Love in the 21st Century: Update your dating vocab with these 10 modern relationship slang phrases

Shobha Mahapatra
dating in modern days

Gone are the days of ‘Hubby’ ‘Friends with Benefits’ ‘No Strings Attached’ ‘Bf and Gf Foreva’. We live in the world of ‘Tindering’ ‘Bae’ and ‘Sexts’. Have you ever been part of a relationship and dating network that uses words like ‘ghosting’ ‘benching’ ‘draking’ and you feel a little disappointed that you haven’t updated your vocabulary? Then let us help you keep your game on in the contemporary dating scenario with these ten modern dating slang terms.

1. DTR (verb)

An abbreviation of Define The Relationship. When two people discuss their mutual understanding of a romantic relationship

Example – Sally and Harry are dating; but they are yet to DTR