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Love and Betrayal

A woman traveler

Neha was missing him every moment. Karan had betrayed her love by just walking out of her life with no valid excuse. She was left shocked, betrayed and torn. He just told her that he ‘could not go against his parents’ wish’, and he left.

His betrayal and absence left Neha in a bout of depression which grew with every passing moment. Her depression doubled with the news of his marriage. She could not talk to her parents and she did not have any siblings to share her grief with. She was managing her depression and her work with great difficulty. She did not have many friends and not anyone so close that she could confide about her pain. She was fighting her battle alone.

She moved through weeks and months of her painful misery, trying to come to terms with the betrayal. It was the day her father fell ill that she realised that she was neglecting her family due to her pain. This pulled her back into normality gradually and she started spending more time with her parents. It then took her a couple of years to move out of her depression. Life was not easy or happy for her but she was making every effort to remain happy.

One day she was shocked at receiving a phone call from Karan. He wanted to meet her. Neha felt something pull at her heart strings again and she smiled. But then she remembered the years that she had spent in her struggle with her depression due to his betrayal and that brought her pain back in a flash. She did not know whether she should meet him or not. It is impossible to forget your first love and here he was waiting to meet her. She could not help meeting him and was further shocked when he told her that he had divorced his wife and wanted to return to her.

Neha stood petrified listening to him. What happened to ‘his parents’ wish’ that was so important for him? She was at a loss of words. There was her love, his betrayal, her depression and his comeback; all confusing her with an outburst of emotions.

She was hounded with numerous questions at that moment. Was she a backup plan for him? How was he going to convince his parents now if he could not convince them earlier? Was he even aware of the pain and misery that he had caused her? Was he waiting for an immediate forgiveness by making an appearance after all those years? Why was he taking her for granted? Did he love her at all?

She stood there staring at her love for a long time before she confessed her feelings to him.

“I know I love you and cannot forget you ever but I am not something you can possess as per your convenience. You have ridiculed my love by moving out earlier and now again by coming back with this proposal. You are neither aware of the pain you have caused me nor ashamed of it,” Neha looked at him through her tears.

” I am aware of your pain. I am sorry for what I have done but you are the one I love,” Karan tried to talk to her but Neha had been hurt beyond limits. She shook her head and looked away from him for a moment before she turned to him to declare her final verdict.

“I am sorry but I have moved on in life. I am not a backup plan that you can come back to whenever you so wish,” Neha kept a straight face as she spoke to him and walked back home leaving a shattered Karan.

She knew she had taken a difficult decision but she realised her self respect was more important than her love.

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  1. I wish more and more people would choose their own self (the one worth fighting for) than the weak, wounded part that easily forgives their heartbreaker.

    It was a good read.

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