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Love at 55


My Uncle Somnath Verma, who had decided to remain single all his life, was employed with a government organisation for some years when he got a wonderful opportunity to work in a multinational firm in Japan. He had five and a half years left for his retirement and his colleagues advised him not to leave his well paying government job. But destiny had planned something else for him.

He left the country soon and settled in his job in Japan. Life in Japan was great, I spoke to him regularly and knew that he was doing very well. His hardworking nature was winning him both results and accolades in his new job. He made good friends in his office and life was running smooth, his caring nature always made it easy for him to make friends. He gradually became confident that he had made the right decision to move to Japan.

One evening he and his friend were taking a stroll in the park when it started to rain heavily. Uncle spotted a lady at a distance who had taken shelter under a tree. He walked up to the lady and offered his umbrella to her. The lady thanked him and asked for his address and Uncle pointed to his apartment which was across the road. Uncle got a glimpse of her pretty face as she looked back and smiled at him as she walked back to her home.

The next day was as usual a busy day at work but the evening was full of surprises. There was a knock on his door in the evening and he was elated to see the lady from the park standing at the door. She had come to return the umbrella. She spoke to him in Japanese and all Uncle did was nod his head. She was carrying a cake with her as a token of her appreciation for his timely help. My Uncle offered to drop her home and that was the beginning of their journey of love.

Language was no barrier as love does not need words to understand each other. She spoke in Japanese and he in English, and they still had a great conversation. My Uncle soon found an English to Japanese book to impress his ladylove.

Aunt Airi was pouring her affection on Uncle through her delicious meals and her selfless caring nature. Uncle’s simplicity had won her over. They soon decided to get married. The rest is history. They had both Japanese and Indian style wedding and life has been a wonderful journey for them.

It is an absolute delight to see their pictures which they keep sending to us on mail. My Uncle tells me that marrying Aunt Airi was the best decision of his life. I find his story to be an amazing fairytale that I love to hear again and again.

He had planned on remaining single but love changed his decision. My Aunt’s wonderful nature had him fall for her instantly. His simplicity made him special for Aunt Airi. And life for them became simply wonderful.

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