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The most beautiful morning of their lives was here!! Office started at 9 a.m, however the clock seemed to take much more time before it struck nine today

The impressive office towers she felt privileged to work at were visible before her finally. She parked her car and walked dreamily towards her office lift and now also the official abode of her true love. While putting her finger in the door scan, she felt her heartbeat was loud enough to be heard by everyone passing by.

He was early at office today. How could he be not. This was the most special day of his life to date. There were still 15 minutes before everyone would begin to come and he thought of getting an early coffee until then. He was in the office kitchen making his usual American coffee, when he heard some footsteps entering the office premises. He knew it was her but he still chose to quietly continue making his hot drink. He then took a deep breath.

She was the first to reach today. There was no one around. Looked like her excitement was more than his. Never mind. “Il go get my morning green tea until then”. With this thought she made her way towards the office kitchen. As she entered, she saw the outline of a tall masculine body and the familiar body cologne that had the ability to make her dizzy at any time of the day.

He turned around at just that moment, leaned his back on the table behind and put his coffee mug up to his lips to sip his Americano. She stood there, frozen, not expecting to get this private moment with him first thing in the morning. “ Hello, Stranger!! How did you sleep last night?” he asked cheekily.

“I don’t exactly discuss my sleep patterns with strangers you see.” She continued to walk past him and get her green tea while giving him the royal ignore. He put his coffee mug down, quickly checked if anyone was near and went back in, pulling her to himself with his strong hands. “Hey you! Is this how you wish your love the first Good morning. You have no idea how much I have been waiting to see you”

“Good for you. Because I was in no hurry at all.” First morning and she was giving him the big tease. They heard footsteps and she pulled herself out from his embrace and walked to her desk. He followed sipping his coffee and took his seat in the cubicle right behind her. He turned and called out to her. “Hey that new account we have just won. We need to plan out a strategy and ensure we are on top of all our client’s needs.” She couldn’t help but chuckle. She tried holding onto her laughter, making quite a sombre face and said, “Sure! I shall mail you their requirements.” They had indeed won a huge account as a team, but somehow each word he spoke out had an alltogether different meaning today. He noticed the naughty look in her eyes and secretly smiled while putting on his reading glasses. God, he looked so handsome in them. Black hair, his light skin tanned to a perfect brown and these black rimmed reading glasses. Just like Hot Chocolate Fudge!! She laughed again at the nature of thoughts she was getting this morning. She quietly messaged him and asked, “shall I send you the client’s special demands from you.” She saw his reflection on her laptop screen infront, bending his head down trying to hide his love expressions from all others sitting around. She saw the message pop up. It read, “Each and every requirement shall be fulfilled to the best of my capacity and power”. Her heart felt warm and her stomach felt light. He really loved her. Each look, each word, each touch transported exactly these same feelings to her.

He was now in his morning meeting with his dad when he heard the message box beep again. He knew his client’s first demand had finally made way to him. He had promised himself, making her happy was top priority from now. And he had every intention to do so.

After 10 minutes, he got up to check his phone. The message read. “It’s my birthday three days after and I wish to spend the day with you. JUST YOU. JUST ME. He shivered down his spine and smiled. Yes. Her wish would come true. He would ensure it did. He began to think of the million ways he could surprise her, the special things he would do and felt lost in his thoughts in an office that needed him to take important million dollar decisions. But right now, no decision was more important. Not more than her birthday.

At 5 p.m, a team meeting by the CEO was called for. Ten minutes later the main core team of around twenty five people were seated in the conference room. She sat at the turn of the huge oval table while he was seated near his father diagonally across her. After a few strategic discussions, his father and also the CEO looked straight at her and said, I missed out on congratulating you both on that new account you won. Well done!! She smiled confidently and welcomed his appreciation with a polite thank you. And as the meeting concluded, his dad turned to him and exclaimed just before exiting the room, “By the way you must leave for London the day after, to meet these clients. You can plan your stay over two days and discuss their initial needs. We need to ensure we deliver beyond their expectations.” She was still in the room hearing the dad-son duo talk all this while. She finally looked up, her eyes meeting his in that moment and she realized her eyes were full of big watery tears. He didn’t know what to say. They simply continued looking at each other without a word. He wanted to walk upto her and hug her tight at this moment.

“I shall mail the client’s requirements to you right now. Have a good trip”. With that she hurriedly walked out hiding her tears while he stood there all alone. FROZEN.

His most important client and his most important relationship. Whose requirements would he end up fulfilling. And all those million plans he had been planning all day filled his chest up ready to burst out right then.

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