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Love me best! The wife who had to be the centre of attention

She always needed attention and control and he lived with it as long as he could, until one day she went too far in one of her tantrums
couple going for counselling

(As told to Riti Kaunteya)

(Names changed to protect identities)

Everybody’s looking at me!

“This is nothing. In college, I had four proposals from boys every year.”

I should have taken that as a warning sign of her narcissist tendencies. It ranged from battling apparent unwanted male attention, to feeling she was the target of all lascivious street Romeos singing bawdy songs and that she needed protection when she was out alone. She was one of those simpering females who gather a troupe to walk to the toilet or water cooler for fear of being eve-teased or approached by senior boys. Women hate their attitude, but with a guy like me who always ends up in the friend or bhai zone, such women get good bodyguards and helps.

Before I knew it, I was buying breakfast, finishing her presentation and being at her beck and call. In hindsight, I realised she possessed a sense of entitlement and imagined I owed it to her. When we started to date, Monisha’s expectations became more grandiose. On her birthday, she didn’t think a chocolate cake for two and a bunch of flowers was romantic. She pouted, threw a glorious tantrum and not so gently reminded me of the party that Namrata’s boyfriend Sumant had thrown her after office hours. Sumant needs to be smacked for setting the benchmark.

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