Love beyond imperfections

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Whenever I come across a fairy tale romance, the happily ever after ending confuses me. I always wonder why can’t the entire journey be a happy one? I have come across this lovely couple (my maasi & mausa) who exhibits such an awesome love story in their 42 years of marriage. Love is the Midas touch that turns the mundane into extraordinary. It is beyond imperfections; in fact true love makes the otherwise difficult journey a beautiful one.

The wife has always been happy with a small home. She has turned it into heaven by her selfless service. The husband, despite his average income, has been able to fulfill the desires and wishes of his family. Everything has been going fine until the wife suddenly developed a very rare disease; sort of arthritis. The doctor-son’s fast and consistent diagnosis and medication has helped her to fight it. Unfortunately, she has never been able to bounce back to her normal lifestyle.

Alas! The once active and dutiful wife has been in a semi-vegetable state since then. She cannot bend, work or move out freely. Her eyesight has become feeble. With her supportive aides and husband she can only instruct and ensure proper execution of household chores. She has become childish, often getting angry at the slightest pretext, and demanding unnecessary things.

The septuagenarian husband has always stood by her side. Even now when he cannot share her writhing pains he stands by her emotionally. As the tables are turned he is in charge of the daily puja and the bazaar. Simultaneously he has to handle his wife’s mood swings. He too cannot cope with the stress but there is no way he can back out. The lifetime’s promise he had taken in 1974 has to be kept till the last breath.

Isn’t it lovely seeing the husband gifting a bouquet of 60 red roses to his wife on her 60th birthday? On their 40th anniversary he has gifted her a pair of beautiful earrings. The poor lady who is now mostly home can receive no better exhibition of love than these. She definitely feels sorry as she cannot give appropriate return gifts. There was a time when both enjoyed Durga puja pandal hopping, shopping or traveling. At present she has got chained to the four walls. However, it is the strong emotional attachment that has strengthened the relationship over the years.

We live in an age where living together is common and celebrated whereas marriage is taken for granted! Separation is much talked about but not a marriage going strong battling hardships on the way. Malaika Arora’s 17 years of marriage meeting a dead end has become a popular news. There are stories of divorce. Everyone is talking about do’s and don’t of marriage but why not look at the positive side of life, especially marriage?

In these times of fragile relationships I thought of saluting this couple whose love is above ‘I love you’ chants or number of likes and messages. It is the daily display of affection, care and trust that becomes heart-touching and commendable. Where everything is impermanent, especially looks and money, this type of love should be respected and eulogized.


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