When love bloomed amid tragic situations

Deepti and her mother Kavita were making regular trips to the hospital, an ordeal that was draining their physical and emotional strength day by day.

Deepti’s father Amrish had been diagnosed with blood cancer and he was undergoing chemotherapy. Deepti would sit in the corridor with her mother, while her father went through painful sessions of chemotherapy at the hospital. There would be moments of hope intermingled with moments of gloom as they prayed for Amrish’s recovery while waiting in the corridor.

They were not alone in the corridor. There were relatives of other patients giving them company in that corridor of hope, a hope for a miracle that would bestow Amrish with the boon to survive.

Life was gradually assuming the role of a ticking bomb that could explode at any moment.

Rajesh would bring his mother Janaki for chemotherapy at the same hospital. Deepti and Rajesh would exchange notes about their parent’s health and try to empathise with each other. They could understand each other’s pain very well as they were moving through the same trauma.

There were times when Rajesh would get Deepti and Kavita coffee. Deepti would carry a sandwich for Rajesh at times. Little did they realise that these meetings in the hospital corridor were creating a bond between them. The bond of sympathy shaped into empathy and mutual respect which grew into love in some weeks. They would exchange notes about their parents on phone and meet in the corridor during the chemo sessions.

Rajesh had lost his father some years back and since he did not have any sibling, Deepti was his only moral support. Deepti, Rajesh and Kavita had two patients to look after now. They would fill in for each other whenever one of them had any urgent work at office. The visits to the hospital ended for Deepti two weeks before they came to a halt for Rajesh, when they lost their parents.

Deepti lost her father exactly two weeks before Rajesh lost his mother. The two now had each other to console.

Rajesh often visited them to talk Kavita and Deepti out of their grief. He soon proposed to Deepti and they were married in a simple ceremony at the temple. Their trauma had given birth to a bond called love. It has been three years and they are happily married and Deepti is expecting a baby this June.


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