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Love did work

Pretty red flower

She was embittered within.

Nursing a dream in her heart.

She had put in her best.

Strained off her essence to give shape to her dream.

No blossoming yet.

She would often wake up startled.

Sleep refused to oblige.

She would close her lids.

A labyrinth of unfulfilled desires.

How she loved to find refuse in the fond arms of her love!

Sometimes however, the magic wouldn’t work.

She tossed and tossed.

“What’s wrong with you birdie? You seem so restless. ”

” Nothing.”

“Does nothing have the guts to make someone so careworn? ”

A fake smile was all she could spare.

A very soft prolonged kiss on her supply lips, just the way she loved.

The pangs of ambition were too sharp indeed!

He left the chase, heaving a sigh.

He understood.


She knew, when nothing worked, music would!

She knew he waited.

He was startled by the sudden gush of emotions.

Music poured in.

The two, each other’s favourite, swayed to the rhythm, SLOW…STILL SLOWER…melting in each other’s arms.

Love did work!

Maya Khandelwal

Author of A Beautiful Mistake

Just Zindagi


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