Love = Gravitation

Heart pendant on stone pyramid

I think love is a gravitational force. It pulls you down. And that is the reason you fall in love. Also, the gravitational force is stronger when two objects are closer than they are farther apart. That is why when you fall out of love, you are actually out of that gravitational orbit of the person and you rise.

Since gravity also depends on the mass of the object (the higher the mass, the higher the gravitational force, like the earth vs the moon), similarly the person who has more weight in the relationship (not necessarily physical weight) pulls the other one down and that is why relationships are never equal.

There will always be the one person who will compromise more, sacrifice more, love more, wait more.

And then due to repeated loss and failure in love, some of us become like black holes. We break down under our own weight and create a center that is so compact and so tight that even light can’t escape us. Our gravitational force becomes so strong that we pull everything down that comes in contact with us.

Black holes all over the world are undergoing depression. They need therapists and maybe some more love.

So what do we do? Should we not fall in love? Because really there is no such thing as zero gravity. Is there? There is an idea of it. We can come close to zero gravity. In space. But technically it doesn’t exist. Even the lightest weighing objects have a gravitational force around them. And that may be the reason we feel the ‘energy’ of some people attractive enough to fall in love.

So to truly experience true love, in the sense that you want to rise and not fall in love, you have to be absolutely weightless. Most of our weight comes from fears that really weigh down on us. Fear of being alone. Fear of being cheated upon. Fear of being left. Fear of not being loved. Fear of everything else that comes in between. Any choice made out of fear is going to weigh us down. We tie ourselves to these boulders and push ourselves over into the sea and then we expect not to drown. Not possible.

What is possible is to be free of this fear. When you were planted on this earth, you were given all that is necessary to survive alone. To make it all alone. But you need love to nourish yourself and to nourish the ones you love. So make that choice without fear.

Experience weightlessness. Experience true zero gravity. Experience rising in love. Love in Space. Fill the Space in your life with Love.


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