I love my husband, I also want to continue the affair….

This is the story of a woman who is in love with her husband yet enjoys the affair, read how our counsellor Deepak Kashyap helps her out…

This woman had a love marriage and was happily married for ten years. Her husband is loving, caring and respects her a lot. Yet she got involved in an extramarital affair. She says the issue is purely sexual and she is not looking for anything beyond that. While she enjoys making out with her husband where she feels a secure emotional connection, the ‘affair sex’ gives her ‘adrenaline rush’ that she can’t resist. She wants to end the affair because she doesn’t want to hurt her husband, yet the temptation of ‘affair sex’ overpowers her, and she wants to continue it for another 5-6 months.

Our counsellor Deepak Kashyap advises her that sex and love are not the same things and she should stop judging herself. He says it’s normal to want to have sex with others even when she loves her husband. But she needs to stop the affair, as it’s still cheating. But if she wants to continue it, then she should come clean about it to her husband and ask if he is okay with it. But if she thinks her husband is not going to be okay with it then divulging this fact might ruin her marriage. She must choose which way to go wisely.


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