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Love is a language..


Have you ever thought what Love is? I know it’s world’s the most difficult, the most confusing and the most subjective question. The ancient Greeks called love “the madness of the gods.” Now come to the modern definition of love “the strong desire for emotional union with another person”. But what love really means depends upon person to person. Here I am talking about love between husband-wife. (Most of the) Today’s newly married couples very unknowingly define the highest level of affection and love. Their faces clearly state this. Gifts, love notes, frequent dates, and intimacy, it’s love in the air. But after 5 – 6 years of marriage, the same two people get consumed with other worldly things and feel there is a need to re-discover love. As I always say, in a couple relationship, both the sides have something to say in their favor but I always put my point as a wife.

Love is essential in every relationship of this world and it’s a lifelong pursuit. Love is a language with which we tell our partner what we feel about him or her. My married life is 5 years old and I am pretty much aware of my husband’s love language. But I feel, now he is not doing things in ways those used to win my heart. His small acts of showing love used to make me feel the luckiest soul in the world. With time, he is no more interested in showing me his demeanor which knows many of the love languages. Yes, a single person can execute more than one love language or all of them. Howbeit, it is evident to know that not every person knows all the love languages. Each individual has his/her unique way of showing love. And for a happy married life, partners should know, understand and appreciate each other’s love language.

The biggest problem of married life. Somehow people forget their love languages going with life’s flow. And when we stop showing love to our partner in the style which used to be our forte, life crises start popping. Husband-wife don’t agree with each other often, they get into blame games, they intentionally ignore each other. All this ends in either of two forms: One of them realizes that the love language is missing and start practicing it again. OR, this would be the worst case and couples start hating each other. Love ends and their languages die.

Now, a message from this blog. Don’t just say that you love your partner. Show it, prove it and make it real, in your love language. By the way, author Gray Chapman has written a book “The 5 Love languages” which is entirely about love languages. Although this is an awesome book, I think, there exists more than 5 love language. There could be as many love languages as love emotions. With any friction or boredom with your married life, you should get awaken.  You have to keep on using your love language and with the help of your partner, you should also learn other love languages to reinvent your love. Don’t put everything on time and fate. Time has nothing to do with balancing love between you and your partner.


One final say, Love languages can’t fix everything, of course. They’re not going to solve your typical joint money problems. They are not going to make in-laws better or make husbands work at home. But it’s definitely a way to maintain harmony in the most love filled relationship of your life, your marriage. If your married life is going well, you can pretty much handle other chaos. Right!!

Very soon I will be writing about top 5 Love Languages.. Keep on Reading until then..

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