Love and Friendship

Love is when you buy Mogra ka Gajra, matching bangles and Avomine!

Tina Acharya thanks the love of her life for his unspoken but unconditional love, in this entry to the 'I haven't told you but I have noticed' contest
husband and wife in a car

Let me tell you, I haven’t told you so but I noticed…

The “Mogra ka Gajra” you often buy at traffic signals

Hiding that glimmer in your eyes by not looking at me

To see some sparkles on my face as my eyes dance with glee

I haven’t told you so but I noticed…

That extra strip of “Avomine” in your wallet

That often I forget to carry while we travel

To deal with my queasiness, nausea and upset health

I haven’t told you so but I noticed…

When you truss the straps of my chemise

Even when we are in the midst of a bitter fight

You unconditionally lend a hand to help me out…

Let me tell you…

I haven’t told you so but I noticed,

Whether it’s charging my power bank

love nd friendship

Or getting a matching bangle for my new outfit…

The little things you do are real trinkets in my life…

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  1. Nice one!

    We often miss out on those small things that our partner does for us. but, you know actually, these small things tell us how much our partner loves us and how much they care for us. Love is in these small things for sure!

    This one was really cute!

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