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Why our love is like Kolkata, slow and steady and strong

Like the unchanging nature of the city where they fell in love, Kolkata, this couple has a strong and steady relationship

When we stand in front of the century old Chittaranjan’s sweet shop in a narrow alley of North Kolkata on some Sunday afternoon, like college kids, many eyebrows are often raised. This is that part of Kolkata that is often termed as traditional and a tad bit conservative, compared to the South Kolkata locality where we live. With no signs of marriage on me, and the way we gobble rosogollas and gujias, almost tripping over one another, or the way we snatch away that phool kopir shingara from the shop bang opposite, where Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar had his snacks from, it is quite natural that onlookers turn curious.

I have heard twice someone saying: “Are they brother-sister?” Next moment pat would come a reply: “No, no, they have no resemblance!” But that’s how me and my husband have always been, best of friends. We somehow never got over the hangover of the college life that we led together in this City of Joy.

Well, this is the city where we fell in love 25 years ago and lived a married life for almost 18 years! Kolkata somehow got into us. It somehow taught us how to fall in love over and over again with its laid-back attitude and ample time to indulge in that love and adda sessions. And we both made it a point to stick together in this city, giving up the lure of life abroad despite several offers.

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