How love makes everything seem so special

Most romantic Love Stories

“I need to meet her soon and let her know. This is making me crazy,….I am going crazy… I really am…I am in love with Nita,” Sagar confesses his love to himself and runs to the terrace to behold the beautiful night.

The skies are overflowing with the love emanating from his joyful soul and the brightness of the moon is special, the kind  he has never seen before. It is as if  the moon is sharing the rapture of his love and applauding him for being able to experience the most beautiful feeling of the world,  by peeping out from behind the clouds that are floating in the skies since the evening!

Sagar thanks the skies and the moon for standing beside him in his moment of celestial happiness as his heart yearns to meet Nita and confess his love to her, and behold the expression on her beautiful face and hear her say, “I love you too”.

Sagar is awake all night giving company to the bright moon and admiring the twinkling stars that have made a graceful appearance in the sky along with the clouds .

It is a memorable night for Sagar, the night that has changed his life , swaying him into a world of bliss- the supreme feeling of love pouring from the heavens in an overflow of exuberance on this night of heavenly ecstasy!

Excerpt from my novel “Out of Their Shadows”, first published by Partridge India on 22nd July 2014.


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