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Couple Kissing

She thought it was love and went on falling for it.He went on woeing on her and she kept on believing on him. She never saw that love was never to be wooing only at night.

He told Seema “If you love me then wear the white dress”. Seema asked me what to do ” You have to take your call after all dont’t forget that he is also your uncle’s son ” but I saw Seema’s decision She wore the white dress.This was just the beginning.He came home after office and saw her with the white dress.He just smiled at her and this made Seema all the more close to him .I could see the glaze in her eyes as she came running to me to tell me his reaction on her white dress.But I really didn’t knew how to receprocrate her feelings .We were just at standard eight at that time and she too had overcome a great period of loss recently as she had lost the able guidance of her father . And that was the reason she and her mother was staying with their own paternal aunt (i.e pisi ).And this boy Vinod was her brother.

I was just worried about Seema .I know Vinod wasvery tall dark and handsome personality and everyone in our area had secret crush over him but Seema was Vinod’s crush…How?I just couldn’t understand ,after all they were brother and sister ?

Next morning while going to school ,Seema and I used to go by school bus so we had all the time to talk what had happned the previous night . I was awestriken to hear that he came to meet her at night in her bed when she was sleeping .I asked “Seema ,What?How?Everyone at home….How?You are sleeping with your mom…so How?” All such weired questions I went on asking ,and she just went on blushing and told he came late night near her bed when all was in deep sleep and woke her up and told her those three words “I love you” and just told her not to tell anyone . They just hugged each other and then went back to their bed.I asked Seema “then what happned in the morning ? Did he again say something to you ?” She said ” No “.

Seema was very happy in school and also seemed to be lost in her own world for sometime. Then when she came home Vinod was already at home from office . Seema left me and crazely ran home leaving me all alone.then after around two hours she came running to me and told me “Vinod smooched me.He did it “She was so happy asif she was waiting for this positive response.But I ever curious …”How did it happen?your aunt and mom is in the house then how?and now it was just evening..? Seema told he was showing some gesture from his room to the dining table where she was having her lunch after school by putting his finger on his lips .So after food she just went to his room and there he just smooched her tightly .I quickly said “Why did’t you stop him?” She just smiled and went away. Now this went on for several nights together smooching and tight hugs but all at night and finally they had to shift to there new home far away from there aunts.

But then too there love story continued , though they never slept together but she was molested .She just thought it all happens in love .Whenever they met it was only gestures Vinod used to write I Love You in the wind and putting fingers on his lips for lip kiss,and in dinning table his feet touching hers all this went on for eight long years but no confirmation of love .Now was the time of decision Seema’s mother had selected a boy for her marriage….she wanted Vinod’s answer…but Vinod like a coward told her that we should think about our parents…He told her to listen to her mother and not to disturb her as she had already lost her husband and now if her daughter did such athing then she would be completly broken…Seema just could not decide.

Ater all she had truely loved him for the long eight years how could she forget her first love …? Vinood stopped meeting her but Seema didn’t just seven days before her marriage she went to his office to ask..?I was near them I saw Vinod’s reaction …he just shouted at her “Why did you come here? I told you there can be nothing between us …we can just be friends…”Seema was in a state of shock I just brought her home after that she just became like a stone ….she finally married the boy her mother had selected but….”

I recently met her after her ten years of marriage she told me she is still waiting for him .And that”I just want him to answer one question why did he come to meet me in the nights and molested me for eight years…Why?

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