Love, Respect and a Wheelchair

I was doing the touch up, when the doorbell rang. It was Sarthak. I knew it was him. I looked into the mirror for the last time and proceeded towards the door. There he was with a jaw dropping expression. Generally, I am not that decked up in office. But today is special. I looked gorgeous.

Sarthak drove through the jam-packed city and finally we reached The Park Hotel. You might have already started imagining Sarthak as my boyfriend. Well, he is not. He is my boss. I started working with him nearly 3 years ago. We grew thoroughly compatible with each other work wise. May be we had the similar zeal for success. People say we are unbeatable as team and we proved them right several times. Our personalities are way different though. He is boisterous. I am reserved. We won big clients together and penned our success stories in gold. In most of the summits we were applauded. Today’s event is a new high to both of our career. We have won a deal worth million and a celebration is arranged at The Park, especially for us. I liked Sarthak as boss almost instantly due to his clear focus, positive tone and infectious energy. He never pitied me. Instead, forced me to come out of my comfort zone to outperform. We spent 13/14 hours together in a day and grew fond of each other eventually. However, I was sure to draw the line. Memories of my bygone days taught me not to indulge.

I was an abandoned child. I was born with feet not strong enough to bear my body. After several medical speculations, it was confirmed. Soon after the birth of my younger brother I was sent to reside with my aunt. It was difficult for my parents to take care of a disabled child managing their busy schedule. My aunt, a widow, living in a small town welcomed me with open arms. She was the one to believe my fate is not sealed by a wheelchair. I cemented my will to be successful and not burden anybody with each passing day. She gave me the courage to ignore pitiful glances. I dared to backlash the whispers …”langdi se kaun shadi karegi…” but somewhere deep down knew the truth about it and controlled all hormonal rushes.

I earned an independent life. I drive my own car, a modified one. Many a times Sarthak offered me pick and drop but I preferred to drive on my own. Today, first time I allowed him to chauffeur me. He always treated me as a completely able human being and never shattered my confidence. We chatted over random things and laughed together. I knew he likes me. A girl knows it for sure. When he showed up with a wine bottle today, trying to make me feel special, I know what’s coming next and feel weak on my knees. Will this relationship work? What about his family? They will never accept me. Don’t know how long I freaked out in my mind. But there came the who’s who of the organization dragging me out of my thought. Saga of our unmatchable teamwork continued. Accolades, music, flashes, wine…the party was on.

Next day morning I received a message from Sarthak which read “let this unbeatable team play an innings together in personal life. What say?’ I replied “Yes”.


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