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Who doesn’t dream of a life filled with love and passion?< Being a Libran — I am complete sucker for romance. I love the old-fashioned candle light dinners, heartwarming conversations and tons of cuddles.  < And what better way to experience the joys of love when you are amidst white sands, turquoise waters and mystic greenery? It all seemed like a dream come true when we landed in Seychelles for our honeymoon five years ago. If there is any place I would like to go back with my beloved it would be none other than this gorgeous archipelago. Seychelles is a haven for couples and its breathtaking beauty left us in a state of trance. The myriad shades of blue waters seemed magical and added colors our ‘Just Married’ life.

We were thoroughly enjoying the quintessential romance at Hilton Labriz, Seychelles. The two of us were living a ‘love song’ and celebrating life with endless beams of ecstasy. The gorgeous landscapes took our breath away each time we stepped out of our villa. We found ourselves lost in time as we walked across the topaz waters counting its various hues. It is such a marvelous island to enjoy the beauty of the aquatic life. We were lucky to indulge in snorkeling and scuba diving to get a sneak peek into the enigmatic coral reef. We were spellbound with the experience and it certainly left us craving for more.

Seychelles is a perfect place for ‘us’ to rekindle our romance.  This place has given us countless memories which we will cherish all our lives. Thank you jaana for coming into my life and making my dreams come true. Come let’s go back and live life from where we started…discovering each other ?

Love you to the beach and back and thank you for reminding me what butterflies feel like.


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