Love Without Labels, Beautiful story of a Live-in Relationship

Sangeeta Roy and Angira Arya met, became friends and fell in love. However, they don’t want to label their relationship as marriage or Live-In. They are two people in love, and that is what matters.

Sangeeta Roy was a woman, a food entrepreneur based in Bengal who went to Mumbai to sell her inherited ancestral paintings by her grandfather, who happened to be a renowned artist. She was asked to contact Angira Arya, an art auctioneer, who would help her out regarding the same. Her job was done, and she became friends with Angira. They both believed in love without labels. They went out as friends to a club in Mumbai with few of his common friends, where one lady asked Sangeeta to come for a party at her place a few days later. Since she wasn’t too comfortable finding her way around Mumbai, it was Angira who came to her rescue and took her to the party. Post-party, all of them got into a car, which was totally packed and the accelerator broke.

Love without labels took off on a rickshaw

Angira and Sangeeta took shelter in the passenger’s seat of an autorickshaw and had an initial half-an-hour conversation before he kissed her for the first time. That is where it all began. They are living together as friends now.

When asked why marriage is not on the cards, Sangeeta gives us the examples of numerous cases where marriage has become a label, and it does not truly define the relationship between two people; it is more like they are bound by a social and moral obligation to each other. Arya adds the pun, “Labels go well only with school books!”

Sangeeta says she has to coerce him to tell him, “I love you”, more frequently in Bengali, Arya mentions mischievously, “And I take payment for that once a year too.” However, he shows her through the little things he does for her every day how much he truly cares and how much she means to him. They are living together as friends who are in love with each other, and their life is no different than a married couple, some would say even better.


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