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I love you…but I love him too! What happens when a girl loves 2 men or more…

They're in a polyamorous and open relationship, but when he leaves to go to his other partner for his birthday, she finds that she is jealous...
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As told to Dua Prayaag

Khaled (not his real name) was very upset with me when I told him I was getting emotionally involved with a colleague at work. We didn’t talk to each other for a week. I told him I was also attracted to my colleague, a week after. Khaled heard me getting intimate with him on the phone one night and immediately confronted me. I didn’t lie to Khaled. I loved him. But I’d also started loving my colleague.

He called me a slut and left our rented apartment. I don’t hold anything against him, because when we started dating four months ago, it was meant to be a monogamous relationship. I hadn’t promised him exclusivity, but I realised when he slammed the door on my face with expletives difficult to repeat here that he expected me to be ‘his’ girl only.

Maybe I should have hinted at the fact that I don’t believe in the idea of depending on one person to fulfil all my needs, physical and emotional. I think it’s unfair to expect two people to live up to so many expectations.

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I love more than one person and I’m not afraid to admit it

I won’t play the game of being gay and polyamorous

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  1. If you think you can be open. honest and share each and everything with your partners than it’s the best thing about being in a polyamorous relationship. Byt if you have to hide certain things that will kill you within, so there is no point.

    On the other hand, it’s your choice and you need to find those partners who are with the same wavelength otherwise it gets extremely difficult.

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