Was he lusting for love or loving the lust?

Ajinkya Sontakke

His early years

He belonged to Bangalore but studied in a boarding school in Nainital till class 10. As a kid, he was bullied because his Hindi language skills were not up to the standards of the local boys from the northern part of India. He came back to Bangalore to finish his high school and was living with his mother and sister. His father passed away in an accident when he was just a year old. Being the youngest in the family, he was protected and loved more than anyone else. His traumatic childhood and the lack of a father-figure made him very sensitive.

The heartbreak

As he grew older, through his late teens, he became rebellious. He fell in love with a girl in college. By the time he graduated, he found out that she was cheating on him. He was completely heartbroken. All through his childhood and teenage life, he only wished to be happy and the time he spent with this girl in a relationship was perhaps the happiest of all.

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He struggled to get over her. He spent many sleepless nights only thinking of his fate, that had yet again cheated him. He began dating again. With a group of friends, he started going out to clubs, to the gym and on treks, all with one motive. He wanted to get laid.

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Vasudha Tripathi
Vasudha Tripathi July 5, 2018 - 11:08 pm

Fate is definitely merciless and especially on some people as this boy.. He is doing nothing wrong, he just wants to acquire stability… GOD BLESS HIM

Vasudha Tripathi
Vasudha Tripathi July 5, 2018 - 10:50 pm

Oh heavens!! Poor guy!! Some people have to bear the merciless nature of fate and that somehow change them. Not that the boy is doing any wrong, he just needs to be more stable.

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