Madan Chikna on the two loves in his life – Twitter and err….his Wife

Love life is good

Twitter celeb Himanshu Parmar aka @Madan_Chikna talks about his courtship, marriage and life after marriage.

Tell us about your courtship and marriage.

I have known Jinal since childhood, as our families, extended families and friends used to meet up at festivals and get-togethers.

I was the quiet one and she was outgoing. So in our case it would be she who used to ‘line maro’ on me! She always gave me more attention than to others. I give her full credit for initiating our conversations when I couldn’t have gone beyond a simple Namaste or hello.

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When I was in college final year, she mustered up courage and asked me for my phone number at a family event. Mobile phone calls were expensive those days so we would communicate via text messages. As our friendship grew, so did the texts! Thankfully, we had good SMS plans on our phones (only ‘90s kids will remember this) and hence could stay connected even our student budgets! Over time we fell in love. There was no one moment where I felt that now I love her. I think the whole falling in love happened gradually, for both of us.

How did you propose to her?

I don’t remember what exactly I wrote then, it was years ago when I was in college. But I know I sent in a trick question to her as a text message. Smart that she is, she immediately understood what I was saying and soon replied … with a yes! I was thrilled.

Describe the experience of being in a relationship.

We had been on just four or five ‘dates’ when we broke the news about ‘us’ to our parents. The parents knew each other already and were happy for us. Their wholehearted approval, love and support for us at the time meant a lot to us. We felt truly blessed.

The awkward part came when I, just in my third year college, sat at the ‘roka ceremony’! Awkward because, first, I, a quiet introvert was surrounded by so many relatives. That was a lot of attention. Second, I hadn’t planned to have my ‘roka’ so early in life. But it happened. Of course, in spite of it all I couldn’t stop myself from smiling through the day as I was getting engaged to the love of my life!

We got married four years later in 2015. The courtship was lovely, as we both were committed to each other and more importantly managed to get past the phase without any big ladais (fights)!

Any special moments?

(Smiles) We both lived very far from one another (in Mumbai) and would be able to meet only if I went to meet her or if she visited with her family. One year on my birthday, I was stuck with work and could not have gone to meet her. That year she came and wished me. It meant a lot. Those days she was terrified of travelling by the Mumbai Local! But to surprise me she came all the way, alone and by local.

What changed after marriage?

Most people complain after marriage, but I have nothing to complain about. Before shaadi, Jinal was hyper and sometimes short tempered. Sometimes I even tease her with October heat jokes (as she is October born) while I am a cool November born! But the truth is, after marriage she completely cooled off. She is never hyper and hardly gets angry. She even gives me credit for this lovely change!

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Her responses to your funny tweets on marriage?

Sometimes, she herself gives me ideas on what to tweet. If she is around, I share my ideas with her too. I noticed that if the tweets are marriage related, she tells me to not post them. I post them anyway. Ironically, those are the ones that go the most viral! Anyway, she is always cool with what I ultimately tweet. In fact, I started tweeting the day that my roka happened. I put my 1st tweet out that day. It said, ‘Feelin’ like the luckiest person on earth’.

What does Jinal not like about you?

(Laughs) When I spend too much time on social media, during family time. She then spams my cell phone by continuously messaging me on WhatsApp. I get the hint and keep my cell aside.

Does she like your jokes?

Yes, she does. She laughs and asks me, “How do you get these ideas?” Of course, humour adds value to our relationship, but for me the most special part is that for her I come before all others. I know that there is this one person, who loves me enough to put me before all else. I hope to make her feel special for the rest of my life. Being someone’s BAE is one of the best feelings in the world.

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