How to maintain your sanity if your partner is a compulsive liar

What are the signs of a compulsive liar?

Compulsive liars make up stories that a dramatic, detailed, and inconsistent.

Stories told by pathological liars portray themselves as a hero or a victim

Compulsive liars are creative, eloquent, and always want to win arguments


What makes someone a compulsive liar?

People become compulsive liars due to different brain structures and also dysfunctions of the central nervous system

Compulsive lying also happens due to depression, substance abuse, and childhood trauma 


How do you deal with a pathological liar? 

The best way to deal with pathological liars is by staying calm and showing kindness

Don’t accuse the compulsive liar and don’t encourage him from continuing with his stories

Ask the compulsive liar to seek medical help 


Can a compulsive liar change?

The first step is to make the pathological liar to admit to the issue so that he cooperates during treatment

Treatment usually includes both psychotherapy and also medication

Psychotherapy involves group or individual sessions and even couple sessions


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