What a man needs to understand when he loves a working woman

working woman

Woman and her own identity

It’s not just about working women; people need to understand that women can have a life of their own. Women are not born for the sole purpose of living their lives for others’ benefit: be it a man, a family or their children. She’s a human being: not the mother, the wife or the daughter. Woman’s character and position in our society is often judged by her utility in a patriarchal structure. Is she a good wife? Is she a caring mother? Does she have a successful marriage? These are the questions that are asked. But when it comes to a man, his success is usually measured by his career and not by his success in family life. Look at the recent demise of Sridevi: Newspapers were more concerned whether she succeeded as a mother and a wife than her fabulous achievements as an actor.

So, first of all, all men need to understand that, working or not, women can live, thrive and exist for themselves.

So, first of all, all men need to understand that, working or not, women can live, thrive and exist for themselves.

On a day-to-day basis, living with a working woman or dating one should not be a problem for an understanding and sensitive man who is free from prejudices. But we rarely get ideal conditions. So here are a few things one need to keep in mind while being with a working woman.

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Her time

Does your career come first for you? The same can be true for your partner. Respect her schedule. Don’t force her to cut down on her work time. Help her out with the breakfast. Don’t be grumpy about rescheduling date night. Take care of the children; they are yours, too. Her freedom is not yours to give: be careful before she realises that.

Her household

Women are not limited to kitchen and homes as the convention suggests. Women have shown the capability to preside over both the home and the world. But remember, not every woman needs to be good in the household section. Share these duties if you can. Living with a working woman, you need to be an adult too.

Smiling couple spending time together
Smiling couple spending time together

Her kids

She has to bring the child into the world, you don’t have the option: but you don’t become a parent by contributing just 20 minutes to the process. If you are with a working woman, you need to share responsibility for the kid too. Pickups and drop-offs, helping with homework, preparing food for them: you have to equally contribute to each of these tasks. You just can’t shrug off your responsibilities until the kids are interesting.

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Her priorities

Not every woman has to be homeward bound. For some their career can be their priority: they make actually like their job and be ambitious about it. They may not want kids or even marriage to come between then and their success. It is all okay – motherhood is not compulsory for every woman. Not everybody is destined to it, not everybody has to go through it. Men are not judged when they don’t want to become a father, but women are if they choose career over family.

Her privacy

You may not like it, but you need to respect her personal space. She’s not keeping secrets from you that you should feel insecure. It is just that she has a world of her own and you are not a part of it.

It is just that she has a world of her own and you are not a part of it.

You can meet her colleagues, go to the office parties, but still remain out of that circle. That’s her world and you are not invited. You must not worry; she is not replacing you in her priority list: she is just also thinking of herself as an individual. If you feel threatened by it, you need to find your own solution.

Her money

Don’t let money get in the way of a good relationship. If you earn less than her, then don’t blame her for it. If you earn more than her, don’t gloat. Don’t evaluate the value of her job by the money she contributes to the household. Her work is important to her as much as yours is to you. Don’t try to control her money: where she should invest or how she should manage. Let her spend half of her salary on shopping, it’s her money after all.

Long and short of it: you treat her as you want to be treated. Treat her as an adult responsible human being. Help her if and when she asks for it. Treat her with dignity and respect. If this is not your cup of tea, then don’t be with a working woman or any woman at all. In this age and time, if you can’t treat your woman as your equal, then the problem lies with you.

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  1. Nice one!

    A guy really needs to understand all these; pointers and is necessary. The guy needs to give space, time and help her with household chores as well. She is not the only one responsible for everything. Guys need to understand this.

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