Man- Woman connection

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A man- woman relationship is the most complex, layered, deep and fragile connection that can possibly happen between humans – it meanders from friendship to love sometimes and love to friendship at other times – it can go from familiarity to being strangers – from being warm to cold and warm again or hot or lukewarm – it can find it’s home deep down in silence or remain unfinished yet complete even when all words have been uttered – it can border on sensuality and attraction – in that danger zone of seduction where one step ahead can deepen the bond or freeze the relationship at that point for the rest of your life or make it even more precious and fragile or maybe suck out its illusion – who knows and how can one know what has yet to be experienced or one dreads to experience – for a man- woman connection is the most dynamic of all-

And I exclude marriages here – marriages are predictable and can border on boredom if the dynamic of a marriage is not regularly challenged – for what makes a marriage thrive is what kills it as well – a man – woman relationship can achieve unparalleled beauty & tenderness and great depths of love simply by being itself – by being nameless – by the sheer courage of not defining the relationship – by not feeling the need to flaunt its beauty to anyone – by not calling it any name approved by society – for what’s too exquisite can never be trapped inside the soul of a few words – never – it can only be felt and inhaled and lived .

And to be able to experience such relationships require a different attitude and mindset – it requires you to listen from the soul – it requires you to be true and authentic to your own desires and most importantly it requires you to open your heart and never close it again – to be vulnerable to the core and never fear pain again .

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Readers Comments On “Man- Woman connection”

  1. Sherry D'Souza

    Falling in love does require being vulnerable and open to getting hurt. Because it is all about self sacrifice and putting the other first. And sometimes that does not go down well, which can be extremely painful and leave scars for life

    1. Meenu Mehrotra

      Love is about opening oneself to wounds and hurts and souls who are afraid to get hurt, fearful of being judged, scared of confronting their shadow side- can never know how to love. We cannot insulate against pain in life…it’s a part of being alive. Joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin. You can’t experience one without the other.

  2. Mallika Oberoi

    Relationships are a complex thing and we spend so much of our lives either in one or chasing/ dreaming of one. That too with no certainty of things turning out fine

    1. Meenu Mehrotra

      Yes Mallika, and relationships are messy and we need to get our hands dirty without being afraid of where will it lead us or what it will reveal about us. Meenu

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