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Marriage- A lifetime Love

You know what True Love means??

Yes! I know for teenagers it’s just a so called relationship and infatuation which develops inside them for a girl or a boy.

But, is that really a true love??

A big fat NO from me..

True love is something which is very different and little difficult to happen. It cannot be done with anyone anytime.

Well, what is true love? What does it actually means??

Caring for someone selflessly, being loyal, polite, kind, nurturing the bond with affection and passion, feeling butterflies after hearing his name, getting goosebumps at one simple touch – aren’t these things together called LOVE??

Yes! This is what love means.

There are so many temporary relationships in our life. For example: Its my experience that looking at any handsome boy could attract me on the way and the next moment he was very good at driving so drove the car as fast as, within a second when my eyes blinked, he was out of my mind. Same happens with boys too. Its completely a part of every boys and girls life.

Well, keeping these things behind we move on happily.

As I feel, there is only one true marriage in each one of our life. Trust me, this word ‘marriage’ has a very strong power in it. It can give you ultimate reasons to live your life.

Truely speaking, there comes a lot of complications too. Like he is not having problem in using fb continuously( he has problem if i chat with any guy), he is not having problem if i say ‘hi’ to any of his friend( he has problem when i shake hands). Eventually these things were quiet unbearable. But, lastly I am happy that my soulmate is possessive about me and even about our future.

On 13th dec’2015, a accepted a request of my parents on social site for marriage.

I remember, 31st jan’2016, he came with his family to see me. There only he decided to marry me. On 1st feb, 2016, my mom called him, for a honest reply to know if he likes me or not. He was very polite and sweet natured. He positively replied and my mom asked him,’if he wants to talk to me’? His answer was, yes! That day I talked with him on phone.

You won’t believe, he was so good and so friendly that I was not able to decide, if I know him from my childhood or today.

He made me very comfortable and relaxed that I felt, he can be the best and right option for me.

That time I decided to know him more and more. On 14th feb’2016, he sent beautiful red roses, chocolates and teddy, which was very impressive for me as we all know that girls like surprises.

Slowly after daily chats and calls, we came closer and we got engaged on 24th feb’2016 and starting living together as ‘One Soul’ from 20th apr ‘2016.

Its one year of our beautiful entrance into the new and extremely different life where two unknown people are together as ‘One Soul’.

“What I feel, it hardly matters, how many affairs you had in past, how many childish behaviour you had.

What matters is that Marriage, which a lifetime and forever love which will never leave you alone in any situation.”

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