Do We Have Marriage Horoscope Compatibility?

checking compatibility for marriage

I am in love with someone and he is from another caste. When I told my parents about it, they didn’t agree and asked an astrologer about it who lives near our home. He did Kundali matching to find marriage horoscope compatibility. <

He tried to find out marriage horoscope compatibility…<

He told us that we have Madhya Naadi and both of us will suffer a lot in the future. Is it true? Can you please give us marriage advice? How can I find out about our marriage horoscope compatibility?<

Dear Lady,

Madhya Nadi is not difficult. If both have Antya Nadi that means both are Pita Prakruti and might have issues with conceiving. Antya Nadi might create issues in having children but we live in Kali Yug and science has progressed like anything now. So in the modern age, even Antya Nadi has really no issues.

Real marriage compatibility depends upon Mars and Venus. The man’s Mangal has to match with Venus, not with Saturn.

People mistake matching Mars with Saturn. They have sex problems. So if they have a sex problem they will be unhappy. Mars is hot and Saturn is slow and cold.

If you see an astrologer again follow this basis of matching.

Hope this helps

Good luck

Vrunda Thakkar

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