Marriage is all about togetherness

Hello Readers,

As we all know that today, the generation is changing very fast and we have to gain/achieve everything quickly.

I am a married woman and being married is a big thing for our society and Indian culture. When you are married, it hardly matters whether you are highly educated or less educated. I am telling you this as per middle class Indian society. I know now a days higher education is must for the sake of children.

Well, this is not exactly what I want to talk about. As you can see that my blog is about togetherness. Yes! I want to talk about togetherness after married life. There are so many divorce cases, murders and so on. These are between husband and wife.

One thing first let me tell you being a Bihari, here after marriage mostly couples are shy in flaunting their love. But this is wrong. I think if husband loves wife or wife loves husband they must say this to eat other without any hesitation they have right to freedom as they are married in front of the society.

You know what, wife loves when husband flaunt even in public that he loves his wife alot. Even I love it when my husband flaunts. Another thing, flaunting love doesnot mean being physical in public.


Now my topic was even not this.

Finally it was about togetherness. It is very necessary for every couple that they lock their fingers, holding each others hand and throw the key to unlock it. There should be only one hand after joining two in every work. There should not be any ego between them because I know that this is the basic problem in relationship for today’s generation.

After marriage life changes, which affects alot on boy n a girl. But, togetherness is the word which should be in mind forever without any “weekends”.. There must be the equal and same decision of both. There should be understanding on each other like a saying i.e. Blind trust..

Remember life after marriage becomes with two people afterall. So be together whatever the situation may come and enjoy life with full happiness and joy..


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